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In every roofing system that we install, we use only the best shingles, tiles, and metal roofing materials backed by our meticulous craftsmanship.


Our dedication to quality workmanship and continued education is a testimony of our commitment to providing you top-quality and stellar professional roofing services. Let us know about your roofing concern, and we’ll be glad to help you out. For a free and honest estimate on the professional roofing services we offer, get in touch with us now. 


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Our roofing specialists encourages home and building owners to ask essential roofing questions before starting any roofing project. It’s a fact that a new roof is a considerable investment, yet not many homeowners are familiar with the process. Below are some of the roofing questions we are asked most frequently, which can be an excellent place to start if you need a guide.   

Should I Hire A Roofing Contractor, Or Do the Work Myself? 

While a DIY can seem to be a practical and economical route, most roofing jobs should only be done by the pros. Professionals are trained and equipped to safely and efficiently replace or repair roof systems. You could end up damaging your roof when you use improper roofing techniques or severely injure yourself while working on top of your roof. Working with a professional Abbotsford roofing contractor ensures your roofing needs are dealt with efficiently, sparing you from costly repairs or reworks. Plus, you’ll have a solid, long-lasting roof which actually translates into long-term savings for you. 

What Is the Best Roof? 

With all the different roof types, one will most certainly ask, which among them is best for my home or commercial building? Roof materials vary in durability, with some having a lifespan of 20 years while others could last a lifetime. However, different factors that can influence the performance and longevity of a roof system. To help you make the right choice, seek recommendations from a trusted roofing contractor who can assess your property, and determine the ideal roofing material that will best withstand the climate in your area and match your unique home design as well as fit your budget. 

How Long Will It Take to Replace My Roof? 

One of the benefits of working with an expert roofing company like Organized Roofing is that they are capable of performing roof works fast without compromising quality. Generally, it takes our team 2 to 3 days to replace a roof system. But the actual timeline could vary depending on the area of the building structure, the complexity of the architectural style, and the material that will be used for the project. Weather can also have a considerable impact on the roofing project’s duration.  

How Long Will My New Roof Last? 

A new roof system’s life expectancy is influenced by the type, suitability, and quality of roofing material, proper installation and construction, and the climate in your area. In most cases, a well-constructed and adequately maintained roof should last at least 20 0r 25 years. Be sure to ask your roofing company about the warranties they offer both for their workmanship and the roofing material manufacturer. 

How Should I Clean My Roof? 

Regular maintenance and roof cleaning are keys to extending your roof’s life significantly. But it’s also crucial to be careful about the cleaning method or cleaning agent you use. You may have heard about power washing as a powerful method to remove algae and other stubborn roof stains. However, we discourage the use of this method as the strong pressure can dislodge the protectant coating of your roof. Harsh cleaners can also do the same, and may cause shingle or tile discoloration. You should use proper roof-spraying method and mild eco-friendly cleaners to clean your roof. Aim to have your roof checked by professionals at least once annually to keep your roof in its tip-top shape for many years. 


We are pleased to be recognized as Abbotsford’s top-rated and go-to roofing company. We’re proud to work with clients who got to know us through referrals and recommendations from previous customers we’ve worked with. Here’s what our past customers have to say about us. 

True to Their Company’s Name 

We called Organized Roofing for a hail damage roof repair, and we’re very pleased with their service. The roofers showed up on time and took the time to answer all of our questions. True to their company’s name, they were very organized and professional, and they did a fantastic job repairing our roof. Will not hesitate to recommend this company to anyone looking for excellent roofing contractors.

-William J. Vest
  June 19, 2018 


Extending our heartfelt gratitude to the entire crew. From your attention to detail, timely service, professionalism, and follow-ups – you were impressive! It was great working with you all.  

Verda J. Hudson
September 20, 2018 

What More Could You Ask For 

Excellent and prompt service, at a reasonable price, what more could you ask for! They make getting a new roof just as easy, affordable, and convenient. For anyone needing high-quality new roof, this is the company you should hire.

Felicia K. Gonzales
March 3, 2019 


It doesn’t matter what type of roofing material you require or, how challenging the roofing project may be. Organized Roofing has the industry knowledge and experience to guarantee the success of your project.

We work with attention to details and take every measure to ensure 100% customer satisfaction at the end of every roofing project.

When it is important to have local roofers that you can trust, get the peace of mind by calling Organized Roofing, the premier Abbotsford, British Columbia roofing company.